Swivel castor, 85 mm, 700 kg

Part number: 505a 18K085v ZPS

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505a 18K085v ZPS

Technical data

Diameter 85 mm
Thread width 85 mm
Height 125 mm
Offset 57 mm
Top plate dimensions 190x170 mm
Top plate hole diameter 16,5 mm
Dist. between holes 150x135 mm
Load capacity 700 kg

Technical description

  • heavy steel welded construction with special turntable
  • zinc passivated
  • pressed ball track above, with tapered roller bearing below
  • grease filling and grease nipple in fork head



  • Polyurethane tyre red-orange (Shore A 95)
  • bonded on cast wheel centre
  • precision ball bearing

Areas of application

  • containers
  • fork lift trucks
  • lifting carts
  • lifting tables
  • lifting platforms
  • machine constructions
  • heavy transport equipment